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ALL’s elder brother, Ernie, was stationed at or near Dikkebus (“Dikbush”; 5km SW of Ypres) in mid 1917 and the brothers met there, at Bailleul, where ALL was stationed, and at various points between on a few occasions around this time.

3 November 1917; Saturday

Up about 7 o’clock. On fatigue all day [“morning” written above, but “day” not erased]. Got pass to go and see Ernie in the afternoon. Walked to Dikbush and when I found the place he wasn’t there. Got tea with them and left about 5 o’clock, after speaking on the telephone to Ernie. Walked back by La Clytte and called in to Y M C A. Got back about 8 and wrote to Charlie but didn’t get letter finished. Warned for working party in the morning.

2 September 1917; Sunday

Up at 7 o’clock. Finished at noon and set out to Ernie at the battery1 and arrived about 3.45. Found that Ernie had gone down sick. Swan and the red-haired lad set me down to Dikbush A D S2. I was informed that Ernie had gone to Reninghelst3. Walked down to Reninghelst and arrived there about 7 o’clock. Stayed about half an hour with Ernie and then returned to headquarters.

Bombs dropped all round in the night.

  1. Ernie was stationed at Dikkebus near Ypres in Belgium; see note on 5 July 

  2. Dikbush A D S: Dikkebus (B) Advanced Dressing Station;. 

  3. Reninghelst, now Reninghelst (Flemish), about 6km E of Boeschepe (A). 

8 July 1917; Sunday

Up at 8 o’clock. A tremendous rush to get through and had breakfast late. Decided to go and see Ernie in the afternoon. Set out about 1.30. Walked through Dikbush1 and arrived at the battery, without much trouble, about 4.15. Just in time for tea. He showed me round and I saw his friends – very nice chaps. Left about 6.30. He showed me back almost to La Clyte and we arranged to meet again at La Clyte on Sunday next. Arrived home shortly after 9 o’clock. Slept in the old woman’s cellar and slept well.          Visited Ernie.

  1. Dikbush: Dikkebus; see 5 July

5 July 1917; Thursday

Up at 7 o’clock. Busy all morning. Lieutenant Jones number 2 turned up again in the afternoon with his ankle trouble and two brothers in beds next to one another.

Ernie called to see me and met me as I was putting Captain Holmes’ kit into the ambulance. He looked round the place, had a wash and brush up and then we had tea in the small town, walked round and back again. I set him up to Locre. He is at Dikbush1 with 8” guns. Told one another a few adventures. Jolly called to see me.

Walked round with Walker at night.

  1. Dikbush: apparently (Flemish) Dikkebus (A); Michelin square J3, 4km SE. of Ypres and 12km NE of Bailleul (B) where ALL was stationed at the time.