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6 December 1916; Wednesday

Up about 7 o’clock. Drew rations from billet. Packed kit and marched off at 9.45. Arrived at Beaval1 about midday. Had some coffee and was called away to help to set up a hospital. Worked until after tea. Slept in the barn. Had potato chips at the hospital for supper2.

  1. Marched from Hem-Hardinval (A) to Beauval (B). 

  2. “Potato chips”: Probably something more akin to French fries than to crisps. See note on 30 June 1915

30 November 1916; Thursday

Up at 7. Parade at 7.25 for a double1. Hard work. Parade 9.15 for physical drill and afterwards short route march. Off in the afternoon. Walked into Doullens with Holman. Had 2 eggs for tea. Bought tea cosy for Mother. Heard of Air Raid and 2 Zeppelins brought down. One near Durham2.

  1. “Double”, if correct, would mean “double march”, ie a run; there appear to have been sporadic attempts to improve the men’s fitness when not in the line. 

  2. The Zeppelin brought down “near Durham” may have been L34, shot down near Hartlepool, about 20 miles from Durham, on 27 November by Second Lieutenant I. V. Pyott, flying a B.E. 2C aircraft of C flight 36 Squadron based at Seaton Carew aerodrome. 

27 November 1916; Monday

Up about 7 o’clock. Marched off 9.30 full pack. Kept fine. Passed a large aerodrome and watched aeroplanes rising and alighting. Arrived Hem1 about 2 o’clock. Had dinner in a barn and then were shown our billets. Doullens 3 miles off. Pretty tired and fed up.

  1. Hem: presumably Hem-Hardinval (B), 17km NE of Domart-en-Ponthieu (A) and 4km due W. of Doullens; Michelin square E7.